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Programs & Services

There is a huge need for housing for women coming out of prison. When released from prison, a woman often has nowhere to go. If she is granted parole, the Department of Correction will not release her until a proper home is provided. Many times, they are mandated to go to an approved Department of Correction home which is very limited at this time.

Many women have burned bridges to family members and friends. Employment possibilities are limited due to lack of skills and a criminal record. So many women end up homeless and hopeless, living on the street. And too often, these women fall back into the same behaviors that landed them in prison.

What We Do

Our home is a life skills residential program where women can be loved, mentored, educated, and provided life skills to re-enter society with dignity. We have a mission to love and meet the needs of women formerly imprisoned in the Tennessee State prison system.

When these women come out of prison they come with the clothes on their back. We clothe them, feed them, provide transportation, help with job skills, counselling, dental care, glasses and help them with everything that they need to restart their life.

We hold classes in the homes five days a week that help with addiction, conflict resolution, budgeting, Bible studies and etc. The Oak Cottage for Women will provide a 6-month program. Once they have graduated from the program they will be allowed to stay up to a year, but strongly encouraged to transition back into their communities.

Strengthening & Developing the Whole Person

This faith-based home will give these women a safe and loving environment as they learn how to re-enter back into society. We will support and strengthen our residents physically, emotionally, vocationally and spiritually.

We believe strongly in the mission of the Oak Cottage For Women and we thank you for prayerfully considering how you can be involved.